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 “In 10 Sessions you will feel the difference in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole  NEW BODY “

Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Clients often ask “how many times a week should I do Pilates?”  Our answer, as often as you can!  Just like any form of exercise, you will see the best results and get the most out of your Pilates practice when you do Pilates regularly and consistently. The difference between Pilates and a lot of other forms of exercise is that you can do Pilates every day…

Pilates is stretching with strength and control

Coming once a week will keep you flexible and you will get a good result.

To achieve and see a quicker result 2 sessions  per week is great.

3 plus sessions per week and you are living the dream.

At Bodysense we strive for results and long-term benefits.

Committed clients, from teenagers to grandparents can expect:

  • Increased core strength, muscle tone, energy and flexibility
  • Reduced risk of injury and osteopathic problems
  • Enhanced alignment, coordination, balance and breathing
  • Reduced risk of back problems
  • Improved functional fitness and sports performance

To book Free Taster Sessions.                                                                                                Please click on Getting Started and book on-line or call the studio.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Genevieve on:
P: (+64) 07 579 2762  M: (+64) 0211 386 486 or email: info@bodysensestudio.co.nz

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