Pilates has been the revelation of 2014 for me. After suffering lower back pain for years I decided to deal with it through physio and exercise. My wife had done pilates for years and I thought why not – running and gym was not helping my back.
My first reaction to Pilates was ‘what is this’. It didn’t feel like exercise as I know it and if I hadn’t paid for 10 sessions I may not have continued. I’m so glad I stuck with Pilates as it has been a fantastic journey. I learnt to exercise and strengthen my core which had become weak and was being compensated for by my shoulders, legs and back-hence the pain!! As I learn better technique, I can push myself harder and boy can it be an intense body work-out. Pilates is more about technique than brute strength and Gen keeps the classes varied and interesting.
Instead of stopping pilates I stopped seeing the physio (a great physio- he confirmed my problem was muscular and pilates a great solution). I feel better than I have in years..standing straighter, feeling stronger.

Morgan Hardy