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The Pilates Promise

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,
in 20 you will see the difference, in 30 
you’ll be on your way to having a whole New Body”
(Joseph H Pilates)

Margaret Holmes

My year of Pilates


After months of back and hip pain, massages, chiropractor visits, daily spa pool soaks, and every other natural therapy I could imagine, not to mention giving up heels for flat shoes, I finally succumbed to a visit to the doctor.  With that came confirmation of my suspicions that I was developing arthritis, and the offer of medication.  While I rarely visit the doctors, I visit this doctor because she avoids unnecessary prescriptions, and her advice was not to use medication if possible.

Meanwhile things were not improving, getting out of bed was painful, putting on socks and shoes was difficult, if not impossible before my muscles had warmed up, often not until late morning, and even getting dressed was sometimes a mission.  Picking things up from the floor was impossible unless I got down on my hands and knees.

Things had to change…

November 2019… I had done floor Pilates for a few years, but had given it away when work travel commitments made it impossible to commit to regular attendance.  Gen at Bodysense Pilates was offering a free taster session… What did I have too lose?


It seemed I had lots to gain, the taster proved I was more flexible than I thought, but had a long way to go…. Unfortunately work intervened again….


January 2020…. I committed to twice weekly attendance with the 10 week introductory package and I was hooked.  I was also stretched physically and mentally, and the pain was reducing.  By the end of March I could put my socks on and was standing straighter, my balance was improving as well.

The end of March also meant Covid-19 lockdown, and a six week break.🤨

As soon as the studio re-opened I was back, even with my face mask on.  Shortly after I increased to 3 sessions per week whenever I could.  Then my pants kept slipping down… I dropped a size – now that was unexpected!

December 2020…. This year has been difficult for many but we have also have many things to be grateful for, for me one of those has been Pilates.

I can now put my shoes and socks on everyday with no help from my husband and bend over to pick things of the floor.  I have more energy and walk straighter, I haven’t lost wait but my clothes fit better, I bounce out of bed in the morning, not crawl.  I will never be totally pain free, but it is less and isn’t getting worse.

I am still a beginner, but week by week I see my practice extend and improve, many exercises that seemed impossible at the beginning are now regular practice, others I can see that they soon will be.


I am truly grateful to Gen and her team at Bodysense Pilates, and wish I had started sooner.


Margaret Holmes.