Bodysense Pilates Studio, Bethlehem, Tauranga

Karen Ragg

I started coming to Pilates classes about 2 years ago because I had very bad lower back pain and seemed to consume Ibuprofen pills more often than I took multivitamins!!!  Since I have been working with Gen and the team at Bodysense Pilates Studio I have noticed a huge improvement – some I wasn’t expecting!!  My back has been amazing for months now with no pills required at all.  My slouchy posture has improved and my ankles have strengthened so I find my trips up the Mount a lot more comfortable with no aches afterwards.

 I think I may even have developed a bit of a waist and surely all Gen’s Tushie exercise are having some effect!!  I definitely feel a lot stronger through my core, and while the classes can sometimes be a bit hard!! – we always manage to have a laugh and I have met some amazing people along the way.

 I feel confident that Pilates will keep me mobile in my old age!!! Keep up the good work ladies.