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The Pilates Promise

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,
in 20 you will see the difference, in 30 
you’ll be on your way to having a whole New Body”
(Joseph H Pilates)

Jen Moon

I am very happy to share my story of my journey with Pilates, especially if I can encourage someone to just bite the bullet and give a Pilates a try.

I have never really taken to exercise well, never very disciplined even when I know how beneficial and good it makes me feel.  I have spent years going to the Gym off and on, but as soon as I lose the rhythm I just let it go.  I certainly enjoyed the strength it gave me but would never keep going.

One my colleagues who taught Pilates, said to me I should give Pilates a go.  I didn’t know too much about Pilates and said yes I should.  However, I am a procrastinator and never got around to it.  One particular day she mentioned this to me again.  I confessed to my procrastination and later that day I received a call, “I’m at the studio, let’s make an appointment”.

It is now 4 years later and I have been consistently going to Pilates twice a week and now attend three times a week.  I hate missing a class.   To my surprise, I love it.  I feel great.  I have core strength, energy and flexibility.  I am 61 and am really noticing how important this has become, especially as I watch others of a similar age and how stiff they are becoming.

A few years ago I underwent breast surgery and treatment.  I found having that strength, having energy and flexibility helped me to cope and bounce back pretty quickly from the operations and the ongoing treatments I was able to manage these very well.

I have met so many lovely people and have formed good friendships from doing the classes – in fact we have now moved on to ongoing coffee treats following a class.

I encourage you to give Pilates a try – you too might be in for a good surprise.