Client stories

Below are some Pilates stories from Bodysense clients, staff and friends. If any of these strike a chord with you, come and see us. We would love to help you create your own Pilates story.

  See Graham before & after Lack of strength and balance crept up on Graham and I, to a point where getting in and out of our small boat was not quite a problem but was easily becoming one. Pilates…

Liz & Graham O’Riordan

For 3 years I’d seen the Bodysense signs when going to the Bethlehem Medical Centre, but wasn’t sure what Bodysense was. I certainly know now! Eight months of twice weekly Classical Reformer Pilates with the amazing Gen, has honed and…

Liz O’Riordan

As a Pilates Instructor myself, I have been hugely impressed at the depth of Gen’s Pilates knowledge and the calibre of her training.  Gen has trained with some of the most experienced and influential Pilates Masters in the world and…

Tanya Drummond

I had done mat pilates for about five years and after commenting to a friend that I find it a bit boring she suggested I try the Bodysense reformer pilates.  I tried it and loved it, and that was three…

Bridget Broadhurst

I’ve been doing pilates for quite a few years but let me tell you, you haven’t done Pilates until you’ve done it with Gen at Bodysense! She really knows her stuff and how to get you to achieve your full…

Michaela Murray

“You won’t find a better Pilates teacher in the Bay of Plenty. Gen is a highly experienced instructor with a gift for finding the right programme for each of her clients. I started due to posture problems. I couldn’t straighten…

Jonathan Hudson

I have tried several Pilates studios before I tried Bodysense. I love Gens’ focus on getting the technique right which is key to getting the best results. The classes are small so you are closely watched, keeping you safe while…

Pamela Hudson

Pilates has been the revelation of 2014 for me. After suffering lower back pain for years I decided to deal with it through physio and exercise. My wife had done pilates for years and I thought why not – running…

Morgan Hardy

I have been coming to Bodysense Pilates for about 10 weeks. I have noticed positive changes in my body in that time. My posture has improved, my midsection has changed shape and a feel better overall. I am more body…

Jo Dey

In the time that I have trained with Gen, my personal trainer who I have twice a week, noticed I am now lifting much heavier weights than ever before. He commented that this must be a direct result of the…

Deb Van Loghem

A little over 12 months ago I was walking home from the Bethlehem shops and noticed a sign  “Bodysense Pilates”.  I did not hesitate to go in and ask as the sign offered a “free” introductory session… nothing to lose.…

Joan McKirdy

I just thought I would email and thank you for all your help and kindness in my Pilates journey. I love attending your classes and feel much better for exercising. Your classes are always fun and I love your sense…

Elaine Warner

Four months ago, in quite a lot of pain, I joined Pilates.  What a wake-up call to my body!  I had never done anything so intensely focused on getting my body to work as it is meant to. After the first few classes I would feel like a zombie as my body adapted to the work outs. After a few more I found myself breathing properly for the first time in my life – as if my lungs had finally kicked in to action.  

I now go twice weekly and just love it – I am ashamedly addicted to Pilates and am so much more aware of my body and posture.  I feel stronger and more flexible than I have been in year and even my low blood pressure seems to have normalised somehow plus the toning I had long given up on has started to happen!  My Osteopath, who I visit less often these days … says it is like my body is fully connected for the first time in the 10 years she has been treating me!  The only question is… why did I take so long to find Pilates!

Jacqueline Unsworth

Why do I do Pilates?

 I started coming to Pilates classes about 2 years ago because I had very bad lower back pain and seemed to consume Ibuprofen pills more often than I took multivitamins!!!  Since I have been working with Gen and the team at Bodysense Pilates Studio I have noticed a huge improvement – some I wasn’t expecting!!  My back has been amazing for months now with no pills required at all.  My slouchy posture has improved and my ankles have strengthened so I find my trips up the Mount a lot more comfortable with no aches afterwards.

 I think I may even have developed a bit of a waist and surely all Gen’s Tushie exercise are having some effect!!  I definitely feel a lot stronger through my core, and while the classes can sometimes be a bit hard!! – we always manage to have a laugh and I have met some amazing people along the way.

 I feel confident that Pilates will keep me mobile in my old age!!! Keep up the good work ladies.

Karen Ragg

Gen at Bodysense Pilates is a fantastic Pilates instructor. She has a warm friendly approach towards her clients, and instills them with confidence to tackle the exercises. She certainly instilled some well needed confidence in me! Her instructions are professional and precise as she explains what can be gained with each exercise. She has a huge understanding of the human psyche and a wonderful sense of humour. Her professionalism is brilliant and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Babette Drummond

Deb van Loghem

I have always loved my sport… from riding horses, playing squash and hockey to touch rugby… it didn’t really matter what sport it was I would give it a go. I started experiencing severe back pain… I struggled through my sport for a few more months until the pain overcame the enjoyment.  I sort medical advice to be told I had a ruptured disk in my lower back… an MRI scan confirmed the worst and I was told I would need surgery to fuse the joint. I decided I wanted to give every alternative to surgery a go (the success rate was only 75% for the surgery). 

I started Pilates and after about 6 weeks I started to notice an improvement… after 3 months there was a huge improvement and I was back to a full range of movement.  I have since had a baby and I had no back issues throughout my entire pregnancy (I was so impressed with the results from Pilates I continued Pilates through my pregnancy).  I am still doing Pilates now at Bodysense Pilates Studio and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.  It was particularly useful for the rehab and strengthening of my back injury but you don’t have to have an injury to benefit from Pilates… give it a go and see for yourself 🙂

Paula Thompson

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