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Pilates Tauranga
The Pilates Promise

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,
in 20 you will see the difference, in 30 
you’ll be on your way to having a whole New Body”
(Joseph H Pilates)

Client stories:

Below are some Pilates stories from Bodysense clients, staff and friends.
If any of these strike a chord with you, come and see us. We would love to help you create your own Pilates story.

Caron Hanlon

I have recently completed the Lake… Read more “Caron Hanlon”

Russel Snodgrass

I have been attending Bodysense men’s… Read more “Russel Snodgrass”

Wendy Bradley

Upon joining Bodysense Pilates I have… Read more “Wendy Bradley”

Elizabeth Price

Gen is an outstanding instructor with… Read more “Elizabeth Price”

Craig Major

As an automotive technician of 30… Read more “Craig Major”

Tony Bradley

Twelve months ago I started Pilates… Read more “Tony Bradley”

Jen Moon

I am very happy to share… Read more “Jen Moon”

Margaret Holmes

My year of Pilates   After… Read more “Margaret Holmes”

Paula Thompson

I have always loved my sport…… Read more “Paula Thompson”

Babette Drummond

Gen at Bodysense Pilates is a… Read more “Babette Drummond”

Karen Ragg

I started coming to Pilates classes… Read more “Karen Ragg”

Joan McKirdy

Bodysense Pilates Joan McKirdy

A little over 12 months ago… Read more “Joan McKirdy”

Tanya Drummond

Bodysense Pilates Tanya Drummond

As a Pilates Instructor myself, I… Read more “Tanya Drummond”

Pamela Hudson

I have tried several Pilates studios… Read more “Pamela Hudson”

Jo Dey

I have been coming to Bodysense… Read more “Jo Dey”

Morgan Hardy

Bodysense Pilates Morgan Hardy

Pilates has been the revelation of… Read more “Morgan Hardy”

Elaine Warner

I just thought I would email… Read more “Elaine Warner”

Jonathan Hudson

You won’t find a better Pilates… Read more “Jonathan Hudson”

Michaela Murray

I’ve been doing pilates for quite… Read more “Michaela Murray”