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Congratulations! on taking a step towards improved fitness, flexibility, toning and core strength.

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At Bodysense we offer a FREE taster session giving you the opportunity to meet the team, see the studio and learn more about Pilates. You will even be able to have a try on a reformer.

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Free Taster Sessions

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The next step after your Free Taster Session.

Starter Package 

Our starter package is designed to maximize your results and understanding of the Classical Pilates method in 1-on-1 private sessions twice a week.  Our Starter private sessions will introduce you to the equipment, principles and basics of Classical Pilates. Depending on your commitments talk to us and we can plan a programme that works for you.

  • Our Starter Package Special (for limited period)
  • Save $80.00 now  
    • 5 Beginner Private Sessions, a 5 Class Session Pass  
    • & 1  pair of Toe Soxs
    • Normal Price $572.20 now at the special price of $492.20


The private starter sessions are important as they will allow your instructor to guide you through the Classical Pilates basics and principles at your own pace.  Your instructor will also have the opportunity to access your current physical condition and recommend the best classes for you to join to help you achieve your goals.

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